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Enemy territory is something most fighters try to avoid, but Orlando Salido (42-12-2, 29 knockouts) seems to thrive on it. This Saturday the Mexican brawler will go there once again when he meets Roman “Rocky” Martinez (28-2-2, 17 knockouts) in Puerto Rico to defend his WBO junior lightweight belt.Salido originally took the WBO’s featherweight title from Juan Manuel Lopez on this same island in 2011. He lost the belt to Mikey Garcia, recovered it in 2013 against Puerto Rican Orlando Cruz in Las Vegas, then lost it on the scales against Vasyl Lomachenko the following year.Salido knows the fight has the potential to steal the spotlight in an action-packed weekend, and he is gearing up for another career-defining fight in a country where few Mexican champs have dared to venture.“We’re ready for a war,” said Salido during the pre-fight press conference. “We know Rocky Martinez and we know he is a strong fighter who presses forwards, so we are waiting for a tough fight this Saturday.”His presence in the land in which he upset one of the island‘s most promising champions (twice) in Lopez will surely earn him loud reprobation from the crowd, but Salido doesn’t necessarily feel like he’s in hostile territory.“Here in Puerto Rico I won two important bouts, and people have been nice to me,” said Salido, who came to the island one week before the fight to finish his training in Felix Pagan Pintor’s gym (currently run by former world titlist Ivan Calderon), “so I am just relaxed and focused on the fight.”His win over Lomachenko, though he prevailed after being brought in as a sacrificial lamb for the unbeaten contender, was tainted by being overweight, but Salido redeemed himself in a terrific bout against Thailand’s Terdsak Kokietgym back in September. He visited the canvas three times and scored four knockdowns of his own on his way to an 11. By Wil Esco Floyd Mayweather Sr. tells Boxing Insider that he’s less concerned about Pacquiao than any other opponent.Floyd Mayweather Sr. is never one lacking in confidence. But he’s been steadfast from the beginning in his belief that his son will dominate Manny Pacquiao on May 2nd .“I feel more comfortable with this fight than with any fight that he [Floyd Mayweather Jr.] has ever fought. Pacquiao is not even in my son’s class…period. You can dot the i on that.”Senior then goes on to say that Floyd has been battering all 10 of his sparring partners during training and all the other typical training camp bluster. When asked about his prediction for the fight, he threw out a stoppage prediction saying that Manny is liable to go down at any moment in the fight.A lot of people also feel that this fight is being set-up for a rematch, but Senior says their isn’t a rematch clause for a reason, and that after May 2nd no one will be asking for a second helping.“I don’t think people will want to see a rematch. The can of whooping that Floyd will give, there will not be another rematch. There won’t be another fight.”“…that would be like Sonny Liston whooping Joe Louis. That would be like Muhammad Ali whooping the bear…you know?”Maybe Ali whooping the bear is a but of a stretch, but if there is a one-sided thrashing from either side the demand for a potential rematch could quickly dissipate.Source:: Bad Left Hook. By Wil Esco Manny Pacquiao admits he learned the hard way against Marquez, but he learned nonetheless. Any number of people view Pacquiao as a cracked egg after getting flattened by Marquez in their fourth bout. I’m not one of those people. And the good thing is that Manny isn’t either, as he believes that he’s become a better fighter since Marquez hit the light switch. He’s certainly a more cautious fighter now, but is he a better fighter? Well I guess there’s no better opponent to prove it against than Mayweather.“I think I hot niche fire sale review have become a better fighter since my last loss,” said Pacquiao.“The lesson I learned from my loss to Juan Manuel Marquez was patience. I got too over anxious when I had Marquez hurt…knockouts should never be forced,” said Pacquiao.Now the question is whether or not Pacquiao’s more reserved approach to fighting will suit him in the biggest fight of his life. I, myself, still think Manny is what he is. If you catch him with a good shot, Manny ferocity always emerges and he wants to fight right back. When he’s cruising against over-matched opponents, he doesn’t fight with such bad intentions. But he’s invariably going to get caught in this fight, and when he does I have no doubt that he’s going to attempt to storm back because that’s just his natural inclination. Whether or not that proves to play into Floyd’s hands is just another one of the fascinating story lines of this megafight.Source:: Bad Left Hook.